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Broken toe

6 October 2021

Well with less than 2 weeks to go before I run a Marathon I have broken my little toe. Great!

I kicked a wall last night by accindent and unfortunately it's 100% broken my toe; I will still run the Marathon, but it's going to make trianing hard for the final week and a bit.

Today is also 'leg day', so I will see how much is actually possible.

On another note, it's my Dad's Birthday, so Happy Birthday Dad! 🎂🎉

Exercise completed & food intake


  • Actimel
  • Protein porridge
  • Olives & cheese
  • Toast & Marmite
  • Kvarg & rice cakes
  • Skyr & fruit
  • Salad
  • Chicken soup
  • Rice crispies & coco pops bars
  • Chicken BBQ & veg
  • Creatine & vitamins


Nutrition Breakdown Using MyFitnessPal

I rather enjoy my food, but most of the time I eat for a purpose.


  • Carbs: 274g 47%
  • Protein: 198g 34%
  • Fat: 49g 19%
  • Fibre: 26g
  • Total Calories: 2,378

Coronavirus Update:

Most restrictions have been lifted.