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Less than 2 weeks

5 October 2021

As you know I'm running the Bedford Autodrome Marathon in less than 2 weeks (October 17th); this is something that I decided I would do to support Alzheimer's Reseach UK.

My aim for the next two weeks is to train a little smarter. I want to make sure I'm still putting in the miles, but I'm going to split my runs up throughout the day to keep some pressure off my joints.

Exercise completed & food intake


  • Actimel
  • Protein porridge
  • Kvarg & rice cakes
  • Chicken & veg soup
  • Olives & cheese
  • Skyr & fruit
  • Coco pop bar
  • Chicken BBQ & veg
  • Creatine & vitamins


Nutrition Breakdown Using MyFitnessPal

I rather enjoy my food, but most of the time I eat for a purpose.


  • Carbs: 180g 33%
  • Protein: 234g 43%
  • Fat: 59g 24%
  • Fibre: 20g
  • Total Calories: 2,238

Coronavirus Update:

Most restrictions have been lifted.