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Biking & Upper Body.

Today's main focus points were: CrossFit & Bike

Kcal consumed
Kcal burned
Active kcal

5 August 2020

Muscle groups
  • Full Body

05.08.20 - CrossFit & Bike

Today I had some pain in my hip from cricket training last night, so I pushed my upper body harder than my lower & paced my bike accordingly.

  • Cardio
  • 6 x 2 mile bike
  • 6 x 50 reps rowing machine
  • Workout
  • 3 rounds of each: pull-ups / dips / single arm barbell row / push-ups / sumo deadlifts / bench press / band lat pull / incline db press / plate shrugs / db fly / rear delt fly / band fly / neutral single arm press / side raise / clean & jerk / plate twist front raise / military press / egyptian single arm raise
  • Stretch
  • 30 min stretching

Full day of eating

Today I had a re-feed & ate mostly whole foods, but deliberately didn't track anything I had.

Coronavirus Update:

There has been talks of gyms opening up in a few weeks now; however, with this virus still having spikes & the main reason for opening up seems to be for business recovery (which I completely understand, people have to feed themselves & the economy needs to recover), I will stay away from the gyms for a while until I feel like we can all train in a fully safe environment.