The new dawn.

Today's main focus points were: Rest.


26 April 2020

Time to get things in order.

So for the past few weeks I have been fairly ok with my diet and I've been a lot better with my exercise, but it's not been good enough - it's time to step things up a gear.

Starting from now my diet is going to be a lot more strict and very MACRO efficient. I will be training just as hard as always, but with more consistency. It's time to make full use of this quarantine.

My training split will be the same as it has been recently with a session of cardio, then CrossFit and finally a specific muscle group workout. I will be aiming to stay in a 500-1,000 calories deficit per day.

Once I hit day 60 so in 21 days time I will post anithe progress picture and see how far I have come since day 1 & 30.

The new diet starting from now will be this 6 days a week.

My aim is to be eating this exact plan for 6 days a week and have one day a week that includes a cheat meal (most probably on a day I do shoulders or legs, as these are my week points and the spike in insulin levels might just help these to retain more muscle).

Here is the plane:

Oats, seeds & blueberries + Tropical juice

Vegan cheese & veg omelette

Protein shake

Chicken, Jasmine rice, Broccoli & Spinach

Beef Jerky & Pepperami

Chicken & veg stir fry

Banana & protein shake

Creatine Monohydrate, BCAAs, Omega-3, Multivitamin, Vitamin C, Vitamin D + Calcium, Vitamin B12, Garlic Extract

Total calories: 2,128kcal

Protein: 208g / Carbohydrates: 200g / Fat: 50g


Unfortunately I will not be able to train at gyms for the foreseeable, this is due to COVID-19 & the government are closing all gyms in the interest of us all. Social distancing is very important at this moment in time so I will be following these guidelines and training from home.

This does; however, mean that my training will take a knock and the schedule will have to change, but this is where we find out what we're made of and what we can acheive just with pure will power.