Pushing a chest day.

Today's main focus points were: Chest, CrossFit & Cardio.

Kcal consumed
Kcal burned
Active kcal

22 April 2020

Muscle groups
  • Chest

22.04.20 - Chest & Crossfit

Starting off with a 250cal bike, then hitting 3 CrossFit workouts (Q.35.01, Q.35.02 & Q.35.03) & finally pushing myself on a chest workout.

  • Cardio:
  • 250 calories bike
  • 30 minute walk
  • CrossFit:
  • 3 rounds of: 400m run / 5 handstand push ups / 8 plate snatch
  • 3 rounds of: 240m run / 8 pistol squats / 10 rope pull ups
  • 3 rounds of: 50 skipping / 30 calf raises / 30 plate swings
  • Shoulders:
  • Bench press x 6
  • Incline bench press x 5
  • DB fly x 5
  • Plate press x 4
  • Weighted push ups x 4

Full day of eating

Vegan cheese & veg omelette

Banana & protein shake

Marmite on toast

Chicken, Jasmine rice, Broccoli & Spinach

Beef Jerky & Pepperami

Chicken, Chicken wings & mixed veg salsa

Protein shake

Multivitamin, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Garlic extract, Vitamin D with Calcium & Creatine.


Unfortunately I will not be able to train at gyms for the foreseeable, this is due to COVID-19 & the government are closing all gyms in the interest of us all. Social distancing is very important at this moment in time so I will be following these guidelines and training from home.

This does; however, mean that my training will take a knock and the schedule will have to change, but this is where we find out what we're made of and what we can acheive just with pure will power.