Bring on the next 30 days.

Today's main focus points were: Cardio & CrossFit.

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18 May 2020

Muscle groups
  • Full Body

18.05.20 - Cardio & CrossFit

I'm feeling pretty heavy after yesterdays cheat day, but I felt very good about myself with the progress I have made. Today I'm getting back to it & I'm going to have a very cardio based moring with some CrossFit workouts thrown in sometime this afternoon.

I've planned out my day below:

  • Cardio & stretching:
  • 6.5 mile run
  • 1,000 skipping
  • 30 min walk
  • For time:
  • 75 cal bike / 50 keepie ups / 50 cal bike / 25 keepie ups
  • 5 rounds:
  • 20 plate RDL / 15 air squats / 10 walking lunges / 5 cal bike
  • For time:
  • 100 dips / 100 air squats / 100 push ups / 100 walking lunges
  • Remote access:
  • 20 plate swings / 50 crunch / 30 plate swings / 30 crunch / 50 plate swings / 20 crunch
  • Balls to wall (6 rounds):
  • 30 wall balls / 6 cal bike
  • 3 sets of each
  • Knee raise
  • Band crunch
  • Crunch
  • Bicycle

Full day of eating

Muscle Moose Chocolate Moose & Tropical Juice

2 x Marmite on toast

Gammon, Lentils, Quinoa & Spinach

1 Protein Ball (See recipe)

Bulk Powders Protein Pancakes

Beef Jerky

Chicken, Low Calorie Pasta & Veg

Muscle Moose Mug Cake

2 x Bulk Powders Protein Brownie (See recipe)

Hot Peperami Stick

2 x Violife Cheese

Creatine Monohydrate, BCAAs, Omega-3, Multivitamin, Vitamin C, Vitamin D + Calcium, Vitamin B12, Garlic Extract


Protein: 217g 42% / Carbs: 174g 34% / Fat: 56g 24% / Fibre: 29g / Sugar: 45g = Total Calories: 2,068kcal

This is pretty much percentage wise exactly what I'm aiming for; however, today the calories are on the low side, this was a concious decision as I was feeling very full from yesterday's cheat food still.

Protein brownies recipe

For the brownie

You will need: 200g Bulk Powders cacao brownie mix, 2 large eggs, 3tbsp butter, a pinch of salt & 100ml almond milk

For the frosting

You will need: 50g chocolate Muscle Moose & 150ml almond milk

Time to prep: 10 mins / Time to cook 10-12mins / Total time: 20-22mins


  • Preheat a fan oven at 160°C - 320°F.
  • Melt 3tbsp of butter in the microwave (in a safe container & check every 20 seconds), then add in a bowl along with the 200g of Bulk Powders Cacao Brownie Mix.
  • Beat 2 large eggs in a seperate bowl & then add along with a pinch of salt to the mixture.
  • Once mixed in pour in the milk & whisk until the mixture is smooth & chocolate like.
  • After this, add the mixture to a lined baking tin about 1-2cm thick & then place into the pre-heated oven for 10-12 minutes.
  • Whilst the mixture is in the oven it's time to making the frosting, add 50g of Muscle Moose to a bowl & mix in another 150ml of almond milk, mix until all of the powder has been absorbed & place in the fridge.
  • Once the brownies have been removed from the oven let the mixture cool for about 10 minutes before removing from the tin.
  • Finally, once you've let the brownie cool for about 10 mins remove from the tin & add the moose mixture to the top. Your protein brownie is now ready to enjoy!


Per serving (makes 12): 115cal (Protein 10g, Carb 7g, Fat 4.5g, Fibre 1.5g)


Unfortunately I will not be able to train at gyms for the foreseeable, this is due to COVID-19 & the government are closing all gyms in the interest of us all. Social distancing is very important at this moment in time so I will be following these guidelines and training from home.

This does; however, mean that my training will take a knock and the schedule will have to change, but this is where we find out what we're made of and what we can acheive just with pure will power.