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Monster Cheat Day.

Today's main focus points were: Circuits & Cardio

Kcal consumed
Kcal burned
Active kcal

17 July 2020

Muscle groups
  • Full body

17.07.20 - Cardio & Active Recovery

Today was focusing on recovering from the past few days of abuse so that we are fit & ready to go again tomorrow. For this purpose we focused mainly on low intensity cardio & active recovery. Personally I also chose to have a massive cheat day to give my body the best chance of recovery.

  • Cardio
  • 30 minute swim
  • 15 minute bike
  • 30 minutes of: 100 single-unders & 30 battle rope swings
  • 4 rounds of each:
  • 1 minute single leg wall squats
  • 1 minute hammer curls
  • 1 minute hangs
  • Mobility & Stretch
  • 1 minute hangs x 4

Full day of eating

Cheat day - see food, eat food!

Coronavirus Update:

There has been talks of gyms opening up in a few weeks now; however, with this virus still having spikes & the main reason for opening up seems to be for business recovery (which I completely understand, people have to feed themselves & the economy needs to recover), I will stay away from the gyms for a while until I feel like we can all train in a fully safe environment.